The best Iphone applications 2017 that users enjoyed !

Most loved Iphone applications 2017!

Whenever a new application is released people tend to go crazy over them, especially in the case of social apps or apps that are related to photography. Some of the apps create a buzz even with their upgrades and updates and remain amongst the favorites by a few tweaks! Some of the most loved Iphone applications 2017 have been discussed below:

The most downloaded Iphone applications 2017


This app enhances the security measures of your device. Keeping a different password for all your social apps is a very difficult task. But this app allows you the liberty to use one password to lock all your apps. You just have to remember one password and all your apps will be uniquely locked. The app syncs your passwords and the apps and hence allows you flexibility coupled with security!

The best Iphone applications 2017 that users enjoyed !



Apple has its own software, but if you do not find it a comfortable use then Chrome is there to your rescue! Chrome is one the most downloaded and quite frequently updated app! It is a beloved go-to browser for millions and hence one of the most downloaded amongst the Iphone application 2017!

The best Iphone applications 2017 that users enjoyed !


This is another addition to the cab applications. This app allows you to simply book a ride and prevent yourself all the hassle of going through hailing a cab. The fares are much lower than the traditional taxi. You just have to watch out for surge pricing according to the traffic on the roads or demand.

The best Iphone applications 2017 that users enjoyed !


This app is like downloading a small pocket studio. This is an amazing application that allows you to download and record music at your own convenience. It can then break the audio bytes into different pieces and also allows the user to layer the different small musical over each other or mix with each other as per convenience. The application allows you to break the barrier between technology and creativity. The app is an ode to any music lover and it can even help children play with music and create their own. There is an official community of the app that can be joined. There are challenges and other featured competitions that you can participate in.

The best Iphone applications 2017 that users enjoyed !

Paper for Iphone:

This is popular that was earlier present in the Ipad. The app has now come to the Iphone users as well. Now the app can be used to scribble and furthermore it can help designers create their art wherever and whenever creativity strikes them. It seems likely that the application is here to stay since it has created comfortability for the users. In addition, to drawing and scribbling the application can also be used to take notes!

The best Iphone applications 2017 that users enjoyed !


This is another music-based app. The app allows you to collect sounds, music and any sound that you feel you could incorporate into your music library. The app also gives you the liberty to create and shuffle the music as per your own choice. It is one of the best musical apps that you could look for downloading in 2017!

The best Iphone applications 2017 that users enjoyed !

Sky Guide

This application is not free. But this is an amazing application for just 3$. It uses your phone camera and allows you to point it anywhere in the sky. Once the image has been focused properly, it will guide you about the visible planets, and stars and even tell you about the possible constellations. It is an amazing for all the stargazers, who would probably love to have an authentic guide tool.

The best Iphone applications 2017 that users enjoyed !


This is for the photographer bug in you! This is another application that has to be bought but is worth every penny. To make sure that the photographs that you have taken are all par excellent, all you have to do is but the app. The special editor that comes with the application will help you edit your pictures to your heart’s content. Therefore, this app is an another must have!

The best Iphone applications 2017 that users enjoyed !




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