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Cigarette- A shortcut to death

Cigarette always leads to many disease which are being warned from time to time by social activist. and in a now it has been found that smoking only one cigarette a day has more risk than commonly thought.

In a new research conducted by a group of scientist it is discovered that people who some one cigarette a day have 50% more chance to suffer from heart disease and stroke than the people who had never smoked cigarette. and smoking also increases chance of early death.

The team conducting research has also found that smoking cigarette is primary cause of premature death among smokers.

According to Allan Hackshaw cutting down Cigarette by a larger amount will free you body from the burden of all smoking related disorders.

Cardiovascular disease and not cancer which is mainly caused by smoking is the greatly responsible for mortality risk due to smoking It cause 48% of the smoking-related premature deaths.

Women are more in danger than men

In an another research it is found that risk of cardiovascular disease in women is more than in men. men who smoke daily has 48% chances of heart stroke whereas women has 57% chances for heart disease.

In an interview Mr. Allan Hackshaw said to cut smoking is a positive response of smokers toward life but to avoid it completely can decrease risk of all cardiovascular disease to a great extant so its better to stop it completely rather than minimizing it.

E- Cigarette can help smokers


E-cigarette is a portable electronic device that tries to create the feeling of tobacco smoking. If smokers are finding difficult to quit smoking immediately, they should go for e cigarette which are less harmful than the cigarette that are found in market

So It’s time to say good bye to you bad habits and welcome healthy life

Quit smoking


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