Figuring what to do with enormous amounts of paper documents on an annual basis is recurring event for many different occupations like accounting, bookkeeping and any other jobs where it’s required to constantly save and print massive quantities of paper.


This is especially evident for slightly older generations, who are still sceptic about completely trusting computers, and prefer to have all their important documents in a printed form. It is also especially troublesome if the user doesn’t have a precisely and tightly organised digital library of these printed documents, so when the annual clearing of the office begins, it can be total chaos and a truly frustrating experience.


Another tricky situation is if a coworker sends you a fax for instance, and you need to perform some editing on it. It’s also possible that a colleague sends you a scanned PDF file, and you need to make some changes to it.


To sum it up, there are numerous situations where you require a scanned read-only PDF file to be converted into a more editing-friendly file format, so you can make all the necessary edits to it, no matter if it’s for the reason of maintaining your paper documents in check, or if it’s a time sensitive work requirement.


We are going to introduce to you a software solution with whom you can easily extract all the data from the read-only PDF, and this program has a very advanced Optical Character Recognition (O.C.R.) technology, which is used for re-interpreting all the letters, words and other symbols that are found in the file in question. The way it functions is that it individually inspects every character, and recreates them in a digital form. For demonstrations sake we will focus on converting a scanned PDF to Word format, because it’s the most frequent type of conversion, but the same steps can be used for other files, Excel, CSV, AutoCad, Publisher and so on…

Using PDF Converter Elite 5 is quite simple, and the first step would be to open the PDF file you require converted to Word.

Once that’s done, select the Word button on the upper part of the screen.

As soon as you choose the Word option, an additional box will present itself on the right side of the document.

Here you can manually determine what parts of the file you want converted; you can select an area with your mouse cursor as a first option, the second option will convert the entire document, and the third one allows you to pick out specific pages from the PDF.


When you’ve chosen the all the options you desire, the convert button will turn yellow, just click it, and the conversion process will begin.

If you have a constant requirement for this type, and other types of similar conversion operations, PDF Converter can be of grand assistance. You can check out all the options in the completely free first week, and after that it costs 99,95$ for an unlimited amount of time.