Loose weight by Probiotics Intake

Loose weight by Probiotics Intake Studies show that probiotics can help in losing weight rapidly and this is surely a good news for obese people,  probiotics can even help in lowering the persistent abdominal fat. What are Probiotics? Probiotics refers to living bacteria and yeast that are good for your …

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STREET FOODS YOU MUST TRY IN INDIA Melting Cheese Maggi Noodles Dosa Cheese maggi noodles dosa is a street foods you will find in east mumbai(the commercial capital of a country). The main ingredient which are used by dosa waale bhai is lots of cheese. cheese flows from their dosa. …

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6 Things You Must Not Dare To Do In Dubai


Every country has their own custom, tradition and religious beliefs. Things that seems to be normal in your country can be unacceptable in other country. We must abide law and customs of certain place if we are planning to visit there. So, if you are planning to travel Dubai here …

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6 Weird Laws Around The World That Will Leave You Awestruck

Weird Laws

If you are planning to travel abroad than better be aware of some strange laws that prevail around the world. There are many nations around the world with weird laws which is beyond someone imagination. We all have heard that for proper functioning of society laws are necessary but some …

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6 incredible wonders in nature that will leave you agape


Earth is abode of creator’s fabulous creations and it has lots of mysteries sometime we see something which we think is photo shopped but believe me it really exist. There are tremendous things hidden in the veil of mystery, things beyond of your imagination. Here are the six incredible wonders …

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6.1 Earthquake Shook India, Afganistan and Pakistan


On Wednesday, Delhi NCR, Haryana, Punjab, some regions of jammu and kashmir and Hindukush region was shook by 6.1 magnitude of earthquake. The origin center of earthquake was thirty five kilometers south of Jarm in Afghanistan which is close to the Afghanistan-Tajikistan border at 12:36 pm Indian Standard Time (IST). …

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