The Queen’s Style Is a Royal Lesson in Modern Dressing, Says Sarah Harris

Imagine never getting it wrong. Ever. Stylistically, every day of your life, nailing it. Never feeling overdressed, underdressed or otherwise just wrongly dressed. Queen Elizabeth II’s style choices are, and have always been, faultless. Always correct, composed and confident, and though it may look relatively straightforward in terms of shape and silhouette, her attire never fails to convey a message of optimism, diplomacy, hope and stability.

That’s a lot to semaphore in a look. Sure, we’ve witnessed the occasional frill and flounce over the course of Her Majesty’s 70-year reign, but over the last decade or so the monarch, like all women with innate style, has honed hers to a winning formula. More often than not, it doesn’t deviate from an immaculately tailored dress and coat that falls below the knee, accessorized with a matching hat (striking, but not so high that it becomes difficult to maneuver out of a car, and the brim not too wide to impair visibility), a three-strand pearl necklace and heirloom brooch, smart Anello & Davide loafers, white cotton-jersey gloves and a glossy framed handbag by Launer, carried in the crook of her arm.

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